The Pontifical Society of St. Peter the Apostle was begun Miss Jeanne-Marie Bigard.

Year of inception : 1899  

Place of inception:  Caen, France.

Main purpose of establishing this Society; 

Formation of local Priests

Construction of Seminaries

Financial assistance to seminarians who are being trained to      become Priests

The financial assistance given by this Society has helped the Church to train many seminarians to become Priests in Sri Lanka.

To mention a few facts about Miss Jeanne-Marie Bigard :

It is said that having suffered significant personal tragedy, she and her mother Stephanie both became reclusive; living practically as hermits after Jeanne’s father took his own life and her brother was accidentally burnt to death. However, such tragic events led the wealthy Jeanne to leave a lasting and radical legacy to train indigenous clergy. Later, she and her mother turned to good works and became interested in making Altar Linen and Vestments for Missionaries in Japan.

Activities carried by the Pontifical Society of St.Peter the Apostle:

Celebrating annually the  Indigenous Clergy / Religious SundayEncouraging the children who have a vocation to become priests Areas to which the collections of the Indigenous Clergy / Religious Sunday is directed to;· For the educational purposes of the Seminarians. · For the maintenance work of the Seminaries. · For the Libraries in the Seminaries. · For training purposes of many Religious Orders of Women. · For the food and essential services of the Clergy and Religious.