The Pontifical Society for the Propagation of Faith was established by Miss Marie Pauline Jaricot.

Year of inception : 1822.

Place of inception : Lyons in France

Special aim of establishing this Society : To awaken and promote Missionary awareness in all sectors of the People of God among local Churches, in view of the evangelization of the world and to exchange spiritual, personal and material resources.

The beginning of the Society for the Propagation of  Faith:

Miss Marie Pauline Jaricot was born to a rich family. She owned a factory making Linen. As she was from a rich family she had many relatives and friends. Many 


Society for the Propagation of Faith

Missionary Fathers did recognize Pauline’s family as a dedicated and devout family. The Missionary Priests served in China. They sent letters informing Pauline about the situation regarding their Mission. In the letters they mentioned about the Missionary activities, development of Catholic families, building of churches and about administering of the sacrament of Baptism.

A Priest did write to Miss Marie Pauline Jaricot requesting her whether she could please help by praying.

She gathered a few friends and discussed this request. Thereafter, she began the Society for the Propagation of Faith.  The Society did make a decision to recite the Rosary daily as a Chain Rosary which means praying the Rosary continuously without stopping. This was the main intention of the Society. As this process was for the Missionary activities it was suggested to collect one cent for every “Hail Mary” prayed. The monies thus collected were sent to the Missionary Priests serving in China for use in their Missionary activities. Accordingly, they became sensitive to the evangelical needs of all as members of the Body of Jesus. Thus began the Society for the Propagation of Faith. You too are therefore, invited to be members of Jesus’ Body and be sensitive towards the needs of the Mission.  The Society for the Propagation of Faith is now spread all over the world and it is established in Sri Lanka as well.

A special statement of Miss Marie Pauline Jaricot must be mentioned here: In the yard of her family home stood a deep well. One day when her mother had just drawn a full bucket of water, Pauline, seven years old, became worried and asked her mother “Mummy, tell me, is there still water left in the well?” 

Her mother replied “Of course! The spring doesn’t dwindle”.-  Little Marie Pauline said “Oh! How I’d like to have a well of Gold to give some to all the unfortunate people, so that there wouldn’t be any more poor people at all and so no one would cry anymore”. By this statement it is clearly understood that she had the complete dedication and determination to help those in need, from her childhood days. Activities of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith; F Celebrating World Mission Sunday annually. F Make an awareness of the Missionary co-operation yearly.

Areas to which the World Mission Sunday collection is directed to; F For the general expenses of a Diocese. F For the maintenance of the Catechism Classes in a Diocese. F For the expenditure concerning special projects of a Diocese. F For the expenditure incurred for News Papers, Radio services.