This Pontifical Missionary Union was founded by Rev. Fr. Paolo Manna to stimulate growth in Mission awareness among Priests and Religious. 

Year of inception : 1916.

Place of inception :  Italy

Special aims of this Union:

To stimulate growth in Mission awareness among Priests and Religious.

To organize and conduct Retreats for the Clergy and Religious.

To organize and conduct Seminars in order to help the Clergy and Religious to become aware of their responsibility towards the Mission.

To distribute internationally various books and literature in 

order to nourish the spiritual lives of those who are engaged in the service of the Mission. Accordingly, the Union publishes a regular magazine “Omnis Terra” in four languages, which is distributed internationally. It has progressively expanded to larger circles, even to the Laity.

Tragella the first biographer of Fr. Paolo Manna, called him “A burning soul”. Until his death his motto was: “All the Church for all the World”.

The Missionary Childhood Cell:

This is a way of assisting the Children to acquire a strong faith and Missionary formation. It visualizes smaller groups of Children under the care of one or two Animators who are sent through a programme of work which gradually develops a sense of love and loyalty among the Children for Jesus and the Church, He founded. The Children are encouraged to have a  strong desire to join in the Missionary tasks entrusted to the Church, actively and zealously. 

It allows for closer follow up of the Children and encourages them to interact and share their responsibilities. Accent here is very much on animation and formation leaving room for the generosity and the spirit of solidarity of the Children to attend to financial contributions. It sort of leads them to direct Missionary Activity and witness and “to feel one with the Church” in its needs globally. Cells can be organized in Schools, Parishes, Villages and even BCCs or Zones of Villages. They have the capacity for autonomous action.