The Pontifical Society of the Missionary Childhood was begun by Bishop Charles de Forbin Janson.

Year of Inception : 1843.

Place of Inception  :  Nancy, France.

The special aims of beginning this Society;

To awaken in every Catholic Child a strong sense of commitment to Jesus Christ and a zeal for the spread of the Good News everywhere by deepening their faith and  living it faithfully.

To bring together all Children in a worldwide fraternity.

 In the year 1843, due to the French revolution it was the Children who became helpless most. Many Children were forced to get onto the streets due to losing their Parents. He called the Children of France to help save the Children of China as they were badly affected. He asked the Children to become Missionary Children, helping to spread the Good News. In order to “help the helpless Children” he made the able Children help and support the helpless. Their motto was “Children helping Children”. 

Main aims of the Society;

To encourage gifted Children to help the have-not Children.

To encourage the gifted Children to live in brotherly love according to the commandment of Jesus.

There were two essential requirements to be enrolled as members of the Society:

To pray for children of Missionary Countries.

To donate a small coin every month to help feed the destitute children.

Activities of the Society of the Missionary Childhood;

Celebrating the Holy Childhood Sunday meaningfully every year

Areas to which the collection of the Holy Childhood Sunday is directed to;

For the education of helpless children.

For the Catechism Classes sector. 

For Orphanages.

For the awarding of scholarships.